California isn't California without restaurants.

The COVID-19 pandemic devastated California's restaurant industry. Small business owners and their employees need help. It's time for California to Stand Up For Restaurants.

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"We will either triumph through this together or suffer through it apart."

Sacramento, California

Katie E.

"The California restaurant industry is important to me because it provides a sense of community..."

Sacramento, California

Danny K.

"I love San Diego restaurants. I do not want to see them go out of business..."

San Diego, California


"...Restaurants have always been a backdrop to so many great shared experiences..."

San Diego, California


"What makes it [San Diego] extraordinary is its food, culture, and people..."

San Diego, California

Ryan T.

"...It not only impacts the employees and owners of that restaurant, it impacts the entire food chain."

Arroyo Grande, California

Jack V.

"We had hundreds of acres of crops go unharvested. We can't afford to be in that position again."

Holtville, California

Octavio D.

"...please support restaurants and dine out. Don't be afraid...Let's go eat!"

Healdsburg, California

Ben S.

"They're [restaurants] our life and our livelihood..."

Concord, California

Reese B.

"They [restaurants] allow us to better know the people and organizations that make up our community..."

Auburn, California

Justin W.

"Instead of pushing these restaurants out of business...let's stand up for our restaurants."

Watsonville, California

Joel M.

"Please open up California restaurants and let us get back to work."

Los Angeles, California

Louisa M.

"Please, everyone, support your local restaurants so that we can all survive and someday thrive..."

Escondido, California

Steve C.

"[Restaurants] are an important place in the community..."

Los Angeles, California

Selwyn Y.

"How much longer can we handle the closure of indoor dining in our restaurants?"

Los Angeles, California

Karen M.

"We need to have our community [come] back together again..."

Northridge, California

Jessie L.

My family's small [restaurant] has changed my life...It started with my grandfather.

Sacramento, California

Nicole M.

The best way to nurture peoples' souls is through our restaurants.

Sacramento, California

Sean M.

It's only going to work if we're able to come together and get restaurants back open.

Sacramento, California

Gary G.

Keep our restaurants open. Keep our indoor dining open. Everyone loves to dine out.

Sacramento, California

Jason N.

Everything that goes in a restaurant is being affected. So, we gotta do something.

San Diego, California

Jalleh D.

I always have appreciated restaurants...the food they offer, the social environment they offer.

San Pedro, California


Here's my plea: Please open our restaurants.

Woodland Hills, California

Tom M.

I am standing up for restaurants, because California restaurants are important.

Sunland, California

Marcin F.

"...memories are made here in restaurants."

Rohnert Park, California